As another new year is upon us, it is that time again for some wishing...

Thanks to the never ending always chaining and growing notation, and thinking notation in/of music (and sound), it is not so strange or difficult too find one translating some thoughts usually expressed in language notation into some music notation... And then, naturally, one must try playing it all.

Even thought there are different ways to transcribe into notation+sound the short version of the new year “wishings” that in the language notation would say: “May your 2018 be joyful, enriching and inspiring! Happy New Year! Love, hugs, kisses, d. :)” , here is one take on it...

**some “artistic” freedoms, especially in taking some words/letters at their phonetic value and mixing different schools/language standard note names

Oh, and if in the mood for some more wordy wish-making, do check the “other” card on the end of this post.

And in the mean time, take a look, and listen to this one:

Although there is a general overview in the legend, a “cheat sheet” or a cheat rectangle if you will, right there on the card, just in case that you are curious to have more detail on the choices (and artistic freedoms) made, here are some details.

Title: May your...

  • 1 • tempo mark (provisional): “20 = 1 ♪” ⇾ stands for: 2018
  • 2 • ♭ (B flat); alterations valid only immediately before a note. any appearance of the note is not affected by the alteration ⇾ stands for: BE
  • 2 • half circled motion, on d string ⇾ stands for: J (see shape)
  • 4 • continue to hold d, with circular motion ⇾ stands for: O (see shape)
  • 5 • from highest possible, glissando motion down and back, with irregular vibrato of smaller amplitude, in approximate duration of one 8 note; from half pressure to flautando, gradually adding pressure ⇾ Y (see shape)
  • 6 • F(6)/Fa(6), from flautando to fULl pressure ⇾ stands for: FUL
  • 7 • sounding e/mi ⇾ stands for: E
  • 8 • decrescendo to dalNinete ⇾ stands for: N
  • 9 • D/Re, trilled with half-pressured E/mI, in a whisper voice “i” ⇾ stands for: RI
  • 1o • sounding C ⇾ stands for: C
  • 11 • sounding si/B/He, trilled with half-harmonic - sounding E/mI, in a whisper voice “i” ⇾ stands for: HI
  • 12 • glissando to highest possible, with Nail,with diminuendo to dalNiente ⇾ stands for: N
  • 13 • sounding sol/G ⇾ stands for: G
  • 14 • half-pressure, sounding la/A, irregular legato tremolo with sounding re/D, decrescendo to dalNniente followed with a crescendo ⇾ stands for: AND
  • 15 • in a whisper voice “I”; from the highest possible pitch with the irregular descending Nail glissando to final movement in the shape of S ⇾ stands for: INS(see shape)
  • 16 • voice “P” and finger percussion on IV string; in a whisper voice “I”; bartok pizz D/Re; in a whisper voice “I”; highest possible pitch using the Nail ⇾ stands for: PIRIN(see shape)
  • 17 • G/sol arpeggio, with ascending speed ⇾ stands for: G
  • 18 • col legno battuto, muted strings ⇾ stands for: ! (see shape)
  • 19 • sounding se/B/H ⇾ stands for: H
  • 20 • sounding laA, with glissando ⇾ stands for: A
  • 21 • voice out “PP, while playing pp on the body of the instrument ⇾ stands for: PP
  • 22 • from highest pitch on II string glissando to under the half-harmonic on I string ⇾ stands for: Y (see shape)
  • 23 • diminuendo to dalNiente ⇾ stands for: N
  • 24 • sounding mi/E, regular vibrato, with ascending amplitude to nr.25 ⇾ stands for: E
  • 25 • final movement of ascending amplitude from nr.24 ⇾ stands for: W (see shape)
  • 26 • from highest possible pitch, glissando down and back up to approximately mi/E7, for approximate timing of one eight note ⇾ stands for: Y (see shape)
  • 27 • bariolage on mi/E7 on I, II and III string ⇾ stands for: E (bonus points if you notice the two “heart” shapes)
  • 28 • triller of la/A with half-harmonic ⇾ stands for: A
  • 29 • tremolo behind the bridge,on the III (re/D) string ⇾ stands for: R
  • 30 • circular bowing on la/A string ⇾ stands for: LO
  • 31 • swiping lateral motion from bridge over fingerboard and back ⇾ stands for: V (see shape)
  • 32 • sounding mi/E ⇾ stands for: E
  • 33 • harmonic and left hand percussion triller; two col legno battuto in the same direction on re/D ⇾ stands for: ox (hugs and kisses) d or :) (see shape)

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