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“gardened” (2023)

[three-part fixed audio-visual installation, with sound work hosted online and physical objects located on-site at Orangeries de Bierbais]

a sound map, located between times and places, hosted online, to be experienced in public spaces, designed for Orangeries de Bierbais.


Sound is temporal. Always moving. Never in arrest. Always only present, yet always the past. While it lives in its own time, our recognition of it already means that it is gone. Yet, it continues to live, remaining in memory. An instigator for time and place. Connecting distances, both spatial and temporal.

This work consists of three fixed audio entities. Each one contains superposition of times and places in sound. While each of the three pieces can be listened anywhere in the world (as they are web-based hosted), bringing the listener into the Orangeries de Bierbais, they have been created having in mind they would be listened on a specific spot in the Orangeries. Each piece contains sounds harvested in the Orangeries; on various occasions and in various weather conditions. Trees, branches, leaves, grass, stones, pebbles... in their stillness and moved by winds. Water – static and moving – pond, river, rain... Living creatures, especially insects and birds. The listener, standing in the garden, is simultaneously hearing and listening to the garden of the present times and the same spot in the garden in the past times, creating a hybrid time of existence of this particular place.

While one of the pieces (B) is entirely made from sounds collected in the Orangeries and thus mainly working with superposition of time, the other two are hybrid time-place constructions. In addition to the sounds of Orangeries, in the these two pieces (K and Z), I am also using field recordings, found sounds, and radio captures, related or from Kurdistan/Rojava and Mexico. They are portals and connection to long-standing exchange between the collective People Coming from NowHere, PhD in One Night, and Orangeries de Bierbais, and their Laboratory for Radical Piece.


Media: wood, acrylic, resin, and three fixed web-hosted audio-visual files (link to this part of the work can be accesed here.)
Approximate dimensions: 3 x 30x20cm



Orangeries de Bierbais, June 4th, 2023

This work is in permanent residence at Orangeries de Bierbais.



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Orangeries de Bierbais
La Nacelle
People Coming from NowHere / PhD in One Night


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