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“the vast bright of the dark (2024)”

[sonic poem]

The vast bright of the dark (2024) is a sonic poem, that uses sound-portals to travers through time and space. Inspired by the mythology surrounding Europa yet placed in Galerie Ravenstein in Brussels, this sonic poem is constructed with the very simple concept of dualities: Light and Dark, lightness and heaviness (darkness), motion (movement) and motionless, sound and silence, freedom and captivity. Neither existing without the other: the light does not exist without the dark (or as Etel Adnan says without the Night), sound without silence nor silence without sound, present without the past, past without present, and future without neither, notion of absence without there being presence.

There are several layers that are parallel times/stories — the story of stone/land, of water, of light, of presence/absence, all connected through the fifth layer, the story of Europa — that unfold from the beginning to the end, and they come to the front or go in the background, not allowing to fully follow just one line, just one temporality. But acting as these glimpses open a possibility to rejoin the story. We are, however, never really sure where is its beginning, nor where (or whether) there is an end. Just like it is with history and present.

The piece was part of the Light/Sound installation by ncbham architecture&design studio (with technical support of more to show) for Bright Festival 2024, in Brussels (Belgium)

Premiere: 15-18.02.2024. at Galerie Rvenstein (Brussels, Belgium) for Bright Festival 2024


photo: minHuy photography


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