This work, belonging to the collection of works “Wishes for the Future”, functions as a non-postable yet an easy accessibly card, or in this case - wishing well. It consists of visual carries of pre-composed elementals which are then open to, first be explored and discovered, and then be used to play and create at viewers/listeners own imagination.

█the "wish"

Wishing you to always find ways to feel whole with(in) yourself, to extend time when needed, to make time for loooong rests, to be a little bit (in many ways and times) mischievous. Happy 2021 to us all!


whole [to feel whole with(in) self]: this wish consists of seven sound elements. All elements are written for acoustic violin, and it is entirely played and recorded as such. A possible version, of the elements as an entire piece can be heard here:

rest [to rest, to pause]: featured sounds are imaginary atmospheric sounds of silent non-silence: warm wind, cold wind, water, rain, fire, trees. Sound sources: dejana/daisyeek, florianreichlet, gutek, arpeggio, bbc sound archive.

fermata [extend time, whenever you can]: There are three different sound alterations of imagining extended time, and imagining micro, macro and linear experience of time as sound.

128 / 128 [be a little bit (in many ways and times) mischievous]: recordings of various short actions and sound objects

The gif and text found here are only a reference material that accompanies the work/greeting card. To see the card/work go here. [ Webdesign: dejana/daisyeek ]

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comments, thoughts, remarks, inquiries and/or any question you might have: contact [at] dejanasekulic.com .
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