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    Beside here, you can also visit (and follow updates) on Soundcloud.

    CD "Temporality of the Impossible" for the UK lable HCR/NMC (February 2022)

    "...her music really tapping the body and soul of the instrument that’s playing it – the rawness, the vulnerability, the guttural and the very vocal sounds...a really terrific programme exploring extremity and ambiguity," Kate Molleson, BBC Radio 3 New Music Show


    Federico Pozzer: Breaths [Another Timbre, at141]
    Andrew Greenwald: A Thing Made Whole [KAIROS, 0022001KAI]

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    Creation in progress. More information coming soon.
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    Full description and information on this project will be soon updated.
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    proceedings from Dejana's talk during the presentation on the conference "The (future) of artisctic education" hosted by UNESCO Chair for Cultural Policies and Management [May, 2021]
    "Yay! Moooooore Violin Pieces!" - Introduction to Writing for the Violin || lecture/workshop with Dejana Sekulic [University of Huddersfield, March 2021]
    "Collaboration as Contingent on Material Encounters in Making Imitate Elegance Expertly: (Re)Thinking Violin Virtuosity", article Dejana co-authored with Linda Jankowska, Irine Røsnes, and Colin Frank [CeReNeM Journal No.7, 2020, UK]
    ⌈ "Do You Hear Me? - Handbook to Contemproary Violin Music and Notation", excerpt. [ pdf, 2012-2013 ]
    ⌈ Search and Research. Reflections on Art and Knowledge. [ pdf, 2013. - 2015. ]
    ⌈ Philosophy of Enthusiasm [ pdf, 2014. ]
    ⌈ "Bach and (Vs.) Ysaye. Timeless and Endless Journey. To Unknown.", excerpt. [ pdf, 2010. - 2011. ]
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